英文名稱:Saint Seiya: Ōgon Densetsu
人數:1 人
分級1/發行日期: 全年齡 1987-03-10



聖鬥士星矢是80年代最經典的動漫卡通之一,也是日本漫畫家「車田正美」的代表作,直到近期還有推出前傳及冥王篇的卡通(冥王篇在當時漫畫已經完成連載,但一直沒有推出卡通)。在當時除了漫畫大賣外,週邊商品及玩具更是造成轟動,聖衣大系的希臘神話元素跟精美的星座人偶組裝,在二手市場仍維持相當高的價格。黃金傳說卡帶也是當年許多五六年級生的最愛遊戲之一,目前市場上最高價的聖鬥士遊戲是Wonder Swan版本,還有人推出駭客版的GB動作版本,到現在對許多動漫迷來說,故事情節仍是魅力不減。

Saint Seiya, one of the classic Japanese anime IPs of the 1980s, saw declining manga sales in Japan in its later period. However, it remained immensely popular worldwide, with many spin-off cartoons still being released today. The Legend of the Gold was the first Saint Seiya game released on home console platforms. The combat scenes were controlled via commands, requiring players to move characters to find opponents or complete missions. Players could input the protagonist's birth year, month, and day to start the game. In addition to advancing levels, options included two-player duels where entering a password would summon the current version of Seiya, allowing one-on-one battles with another player.

The story remained faithful to the original, with Seiya first appearing in Greece, defeating his rival Cashios and obtaining the Pegasus Cloth under the Pope's witness. He then returned to Japan to meet Saori Kido (Athena), and the story unfolded similarly to the manga, beginning with the Galaxian Wars to compete for the Gold Cloths, followed by the Black Saints, Silver Saints, and the Gold Twelve Houses. The Gold Twelve Houses featured a limited number of Saints, while later generations focused on the final storyline of the Twelve Houses.

When game was released, the manga had not yet revealed the Pope's identity as Gemini Saga, hence the appearance of the Shadow Saints as the final bosses.

The overall gameplay involved delivering the Cloths to the Kido mansion, meeting with Mizho at the orphanage before the Galaxian Wars, and proceeding with the competition after learning about his sister's message. The map included various locations such as the Kido mansion, the arena, the hospital, Seiya's residence, and the orphanage. After defeating the Black Saints, the Silver Saints would appear near the coastline between Seiya's residence and the orphanage. The path near the Kido mansion led to the park, where defeating the Dark Phoenix would grant a piece of the Gold Cloth.

Upon returning to the Kido mansion and conversing with Saori, Seiya would learn that Shiryu, Hyoga, and Shun also obtained parts of the Gold Cloth. This would unlock three new destinations: Fujiyama Wind Cave, Goro Peak, and Muhoukan Mansion. The game progressed through battles with various enemies, including Shadow Saints and the ultimate showdown at the Sanctuary against the Pope.

The gameplay mechanics involved movement with the directional keys, jumping with the A button, and attacking with the B button. The Select button allowed access to the menu for options like selecting commands during battles, viewing enemy data, or entering passwords. The game's strategy included managing Seiya's Cosmo and Damage, as well as engaging in battles, conversations, and interactions with companions.

Saint Seiya's enduring popularity is evident in the continued fascination with its storyline and characters, making it a beloved classic among anime fans even today.


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